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June 4, 2010
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Advice: Free 3D software by Crevist Advice: Free 3D software by Crevist
*Work in progress expect this to be finished up in a few weeks*


moved a bunch of these from the 3D tutorial list for easy access rather than it being part of a huge list. It will give me a chance to add more content to the ones I have as well as putting a bunch of newer links.

Da Clubs and other 3D site communities

Some 3D clubs and Communities to join meet people,learn and improve.

:icongame-art: :icon3d-asuarus: :icon3dmodeling: :icon3d-characters: :icon3-dimensions: :iconzbrushers-guild::icon3d-artists::iconthe3dartistclub::icon3d-enchantment: :icon3-d-art: :iconblender-club::icon3d-animation: :icon3dgurus: :iconblendergameart::icondazclub:



Cg Textures

11 Second Club

Pixologic a community of Z-brush artists a mix of both 3D,traditional,digital, artists as well as animators

Game Artisans a community of both novice and industry professionals improving their skills in 3D

Recommended tools and starter suggestions

1.Wacom tablet(for making textures and modeling in z-brush or mudbox)
2.Drawing tools( for roughing out character designs can also be done with photoshop with a tablet)
3. References are important whether your modeling something,texturing, or need examples of walk cycles for animations keep a folder or bookmarks for them.

Free 3D Software

Interested? or want to get into 3D and but can't afford 3D max,maya,cinema 4D etc? here are a few links to get you started.

Scupltris</b>(accepts exported obj files from other 3D programs and saves out obj as well for high rez baking)


- sculpt 3D models with this software works like z-brush and mudbox but free.



-This is a helpful program that helps properly work with UV placements using colour system that tells you if your uv map is having errors. Work well with allot of the 3D programs just remember to export after you do your uvmap object or character as a obj.

instructions are given in the manual



- it is another free 3D modeling and character animation program

video tutorials

Daz 3D</u>


-another free program worth checking out. You can upgrade to the pro version but it cost money. Also on the site purchase additional programs by daz such as.

Hexagon(sculpt,texture,uv maping)

Bryce(rendering. lighting,landscapes)

Carrara(realistic modeing posing,advanced modeling, terrain-building, physics, and rendering)

tutorials are listed on the site and below



-Terragen is a scenery generator which can be used to create photo realistic background images and animations.

tutorials can be found on the site as well as below in the tutorial section

Wings 3D</u>


-another free 3D program works with most operating systems pc,mac,linux,source . There is no support in Wings for doing animations but you can always import your models to blender or more specialized rendering.

tutorials are available on the site but there are some also included in the tutorial section in here.

Google SketchUp


-A 3D sketching software for the conceptual phases of design.

See the Tutorial portion of this page for sketchup tutorials



-a free down loadable 3D program you can use if you would like to do some 3D related artworks. Any tutorials or tips in working with the tools can be found on the site.

Additional tutorials: [link]



- its like crazy bump but its free for anyone who wants to make bumpmaps,Ambient Occlusion Maps etc.

tutorials are provided on the site and some in the tutorial section.

Random link finds


Animating with Blender by: D.Roland Hess

Blender 3D Noob to Pro Miscellaneous Tutorials

Blender 3D Noob to Pro Beginner Tutorials

Blender Basics by: James Chronister

Blender 3D GameKit 1st Edition by: TonRoosendaal and Carsten Wartmann


Blender Art Magazine #9

Tutorials can be found here:[link]
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kvcnt Featured By Owner Edited Nov 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
So among all the listed softwares, do you know which one of the the easiest to learn and remains as a free software? Just for 3d-modelling (the Animation part can be done after)
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Cool list! :thanks:
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I'm super grateful you took the time and effort to share this info with everyone. Fav and will try out some programs.
MmdSydney123 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
What about MikuMikuDance?
clippingpath1 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
Thanks for your post. I will definitely be using these ideas and pondering more and more about what I am really doing right with the use of my YouTube video channel dedicated to some of the concerns you have mentioned. I'm also considering the actual way it would be if I launched a blog discussing a number of the same issues you've dealt with here. Thank you for showing me something so obvious. I used to be blinded from it. Your post has really made an impact on the way I think about my own work and ideas too. click here to know more about clipping path.
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