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April 8, 2010
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Advice: 3D Tutorial List by Crevist Advice: 3D Tutorial List by Crevist
*work in progress but should be completed in the next week or so just gathering school notes as well as other things to include*

Majority of the links will be for 3D max but there will be some for other programs as well I have come across.

Da Clubs and other 3D site communities

Some 3D clubs and Communities to join meet people,learn and improve.

:icongame-art: :icon3d-asuarus: :icon3dmodeling: :icon3d-characters: :icon3-dimensions: :iconzbrushers-guild::icon3d-artists::iconthe3dartistclub::icon3d-enchantment: :icon3-d-art: :iconblender-club::icon3d-animation: :icon3dgurus: :iconblendergameart::icondazclub:




Pixologic a community of Z-brush artists a mix of both 3D,traditional,digital, artists as well as animators

Game Artisans a community of both novice and industry professionals improving their skills in 3D

Recommended tools and starter suggestions

1.Wacom tablet(for making textures and modeling in z-brush or mudbox)
2.Drawing tools( for roughing out character designs can also be done with photoshop with a tablet)
3. References are important whether your modeling something,texturing, or need examples of walk cycles for animations keep a folder or bookmarks for them.

Free 3D Software

Interested? or want to get into 3D and but can't afford 3D max,maya,cinema 4D etc? here is a link to a list of free ones [link] .



XNormal video tutorial list


Blender Tutorial :basics

Blender Tutorial:shapes and objects

Blender Tutorial:shapes and objects part 2

For further tutorials on begineer to advance steps in learning blender click here to view more video's

tutorials by: :iconjimmyon:

Blender Normal Mapping Tutorial part 1

Blender NormalMap Tutorial part 2

Blender Alpha Tutorial

Draz 3D</u>

DAZ Studio 3D Basics: 1-Cameras

DAZ Studio 3D Basics: 2- Loading Models

DAZ 3D - DAZ Studio Animation Tutorial Part 1

DAZ 3D - DAZ Studio Animation Tutorial Part 2


Part 1 - Intro and User Interface

Part 2 - Terrain

Part 3 - Shaders

Part 4 - Atmosphere and Lighting

Part 5 - Objects

Part 6 - Finishing Touches

Terragen 2 Tutorial #1 - Basics - PART 1

Terragen 2 Tutorial #1 - Basics - PART 2

Wings 3D</u>

3D Modeling - Part I: Navigation in Wings 3D

3D Modeling - Part II: Deformation in Wings 3D

3D Modeling - Part III: Deformation in Wings 3D continued

Wings3d Adobe Illustrator Import

Texture mapping a simple mesh in Wings3D

Wings3D UV mapping guide

How to set up a workspace in Wings 3D part 1

How to set up a workspace in Wings 3D Part 2

How to set up a workspace in Wings 3D Part 3


Learning Xnormal: Part 1

Learning Xnormal: Part 2


Getting started with Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp - New Users 1: Concepts (video)

Google SketchUp New Users 2: Drawing Shapes

Google SketchUp New Users 3: Push/ Pull

Google SketchUp New Users 4: Create a Chair

additional tutorials can be found here:[link]

Crazy Bump

Intro To Crazybump (1/3)

Intro To Crazybump (2/3)

Intro To Crazybump (3/3)


Getting Started (Tips & Tricks) (video)

Poly Painting tips for Zbrush(video)

Roughing out your base mesh in Zbrush (video)

Creative crash-list of tutorials

Modeling using reference and Skin

ZBrush ZSphere basic modeling tutorial

Sculpting muscles with masks

ZBrush 3 Basics - ZProject Texturing (video)

Zbrush 3 Basics - Colors to Texture (video)


Normal Mapping in Maya Basics

Normal Maps from Maya



workflow between 3D max and mudbox:[link]

3D max

Normal map workflow:[link]

3D max renderable splines: [link]

more tutorials on this site:[link]

the autodesk site provides useful info and tutorials : [link]

ball bouncing part 1:[link]

part 2:[link]

part 3:[link]

texturing a head:[link]

texturing a character:[link]

texturing video's:[link]

walkthrough for character creation pipeline:[link]

Index to 3D max and its tools:[link]

hard surface texturing tutorial: [link]

tips and ticks:[link]

skinning mini tutorial:[link]




introduction to subdivision :[link]

tips and tricks for modeling game characters:[link]

videio tutorials on various things that can be done in 3D max:[link]

start to finish explanation of creating a character:[link]

hair tutorial:[link]

attaching a biped to you your character:[link]

Orgainic modeling series:[link]

texturing and modeling tips:[link]

3ds max uvw map and texture tutorial (video)

3DS Max Tutorial - UVW Unwrap Basic (video)

Tutorial 3D Max Uvw unwarp(video)

MAX and Photoshop : Combining Texture maps (video)

XNormal and 3D max:Texturing Game Characters Ambient Occlusion Maps (video)

Poly modeling

Cell shading

Modeling a 3D head

wire and Isoline clay render

Clay render with mental ray

Global Illumination

Clay Render with Light Tracer

3D modeling a chain

3ds max Basic Face Rigging

facial control panel - 3ds max tutorial PART1 (video) download the high quallity video in the youtube comment

Pelt Mapping Tutorial - 3DSMAX

UV MAPPING Basics for characters

facial control panel - 3ds max tutorial PART2 (video) download the high quallity video in the youtube comment

3D Books and other book references(available to read)

Cinema 4D introduction

Autodesk 3D Max 9 : introduction

Autodesk 3D Max 9 : Tutorial introduction

Autodesk 3D Max 9 : Tutorial Character Animation

Autodesk 3D Max 9 : Tutorial Special Effects

3D World: simulate aschool of fish in motion

3D World: Dynamic liquids

Maya 2010:Getting started

The Animators Survival Kit

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IntangibleTruth Jan 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
is there a good clothes modeling tutorial? i've been looking everywhere
Crevist Jan 18, 2014  Student General Artist
here is a list of video tutorials on making clothing in a 3D program…
wow, thanks, that's so helpful!
Tanbeen May 16, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Thank you very much
Simply awesome sauce! Thank you for taking the time to compile all these links! :hug:
IntangibleTruth Mar 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ugh you dont know how much i needed this. thanks so much!
mattkevin1991 Mar 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you very much :)
oyeah, these things are what I'll need for making models ^_^ thanks for the tutorials
Crevist Jun 21, 2012  Student General Artist
np :D
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